Why You Need To be Utilizing Uplighting Around Your Home

Uplighting refers to lighting which is meant to go upwards, and it is most commonly used on the exterior of a home. When uplighting Winston-Salem is used, the exterior of the home remains well-lit after dark, and this comes with a major key benefit.

With crime rates on the rise, you can never be certain that your house will not become a target for burglars. Homes with uplighting are much less likely to become targets, however. This is thanks to the fact they can not easily sneak inside without being detected. Anyone who wishes to sneak inside a window or try to pick a lock will have to step into the light, which makes them noticeable to anyone passing by on the street, or a neighbor who happens to glance out their windows.

While this is not the only option available for keeping your home safe, it is one of the most affordable. Exterior uplighting can be installed at an affordable rate (much more affordable than home security systems), and although it does add a small amount to your utility payments, this amount is negligible when compared to your family’s security and wellbeing. As a bonus, it also boosts your home’s nighttime curb appeal.

Other Methods of Intruder Deterrence

Uplighting works best in deterring home intruders when combined with other methods. There are many options available for keeping your home safe. A few of these include:

·    Owning a dog

·    Keeping your yard well maintained

·    Removing large bushes or trees from within six feet of your home’s exterior

uplighting Winston-Salem

·    Installing security cameras

·    Burglar bars on first floor windows

·    Home security system

·    Avoiding the placement of outbuildings near your home’s exterior or property’s fence line

·    Using solar powered outdoor lighting for walkways, driveway, and/or fence line