4 Creative Ways to Use Rocks in Your Landscape Design

When creating your perfect outdoor oasis, it just makes sense to utilize natural materials whenever possible. While most realize this applies to trees, shrubbery, flowers, and other plant life, one overlooked resource with a lot of potential are rocks. Today we look at four unique ways you can use landscape rocks Jacksonville FL to create the perfect outdoor oasis.

1: Rugged Walkway

Flat-topped rocks are the preferred choice here. The larger, the better, but if you prefer the look of smaller stones you can use this also. The rocks should be buried under the ground enough that just their tops are showing on the surface. Tiny rocks could also be used, and then pushed into the ground to prevent tripping.

2: Ledge-type Waterfall

landscape rocks Jacksonville FL

Using several large, stackable rocks you can create a waterfall that is not only natural, but breathtaking. Three stones are the minimum you’d need, but you can use twice that if desired. The rocks should be stacked from largest to smallest, and a simple water pump setup is sufficient.

3:  In Lieu of Mulch

Tiny colorful rocks can be used in your flowerbeds instead of mulch. Not only will they look great, but they help retain moisture in the ground while simultaneously helping to prevent flooding. You can choose from many assorted color schemes. The most popular scheme is a neutral one, featuring rocks of white, black, gray, and brown.

4: Natural Looking Stairs

If your property has a hill or is set up on a slant, you can add aesthetic appeal and safety by incorporating rocks in the side of your property. These stairs can help get footholds that prevent slips or falls. You can choose to leave the rocks natural or decorate them as you see fit. A cute idea is to have the family put their handprints on different stairs.

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