4 Steps to A Simple Living Room Remodeling Project

Sometimes people just want to change their surroundings. Psychology has shown that change can be good for the psyche, which would explain why people desire to shift things around when under stress. Unfortunately, many people are on a budget and can’t afford a complete remodeling project. Therefore, we have four steps below for a home remodeling Andover project which is both budget-friendly and will make a dramatic difference in your living room’s appearance.

Step 1: Tear Out the Carpet & Lay Wood

Most living rooms have carpet, but that can become dingy over time and is very hard to clean – especially if you have pets or children. You can tear out the carpet and lay wood yourself if you’re so inclined, or you can opt to have it professionally done for a low cost.

Step 2: Paint the Walls

Painting the room a new color can change the entire atmosphere, and it is a very simple project that even the kids can get involved in. Avoid dark colors, as this can make the room not only darker but also appear smaller. White or a pale pastel color (like blue or green) can make the room appear larger and brighter.

Step 3: Choose Accent Pieces

home remodeling Andover

You can find great accent pieces in thrift stores, at yard sales, or in the clearance sections of your local stores. Accent pieces include rugs, curtains, lamps, pictures, or anything else that may add character to the room. Stick with a theme central to your wall color for best results.

Step 4: Brighten the Room

Finally, you’ll want to brighten the room. This can be done in a few separate ways, and remodelers can utilize multiples for the greatest results. Cleaning the windows, installing overhead lighting, using lighter curtains, or (if the budget allows) installing another window can all make the space brighter and more cheerful.